Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The 2005 Salt Shaker Award

The nominations are in for the first annual Salt Shaker Award presented by Salty Earth Pictures to those filmakers that produce and distribute movies that are not only entertaining but have a Biblical based message.

The nominees are:

An Easter Carol (Veggie Tales), Directed by Tim Hodge
The Gospel of John, Directed by Eric Till
Luther, Directed by Philip Saville
The Passion of the Christ, Directed by Mel Gibson

Please send us your vote before December 31, 2004. The 2005 Salt Shaker Award winner will be announced in February.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Fifth Pew from the Front

Fifth Pew from the Front is an entertaing and thought provoking look into the lives of Christian families. It stars television personality David Ruprecht. David is best known for hosting the popular game show Supermarket Sweep. Two episodes have been produced. "Somebody Has Been Sitting in My Pew" and "The Daze Before Christmas." A third episode "That's Easy for You to Say!" will be released in spring. You can learn more about Fifth Pew from the Front and order copies of the series by visiting www.fifthpew.com and www.amazon.com.

Movie Critters' Big Picture

Don't forget to pick up your copy on DVD or VHS of a fun and entertaining family movie before Christmas. In this muppet style feature you will see that Hollywood has gone to the dogs, pigs, rats, moles, and gophers! yes, gophers! This Telly Award, Film Advisory Board, Dove Foundation, and Aurora best of show winner follows Benny Gopher as he leaves the farm in order to make it big in show business. Movie Critters' Big Picture takes the entire family on a hilarious journey via amazingly life like puppets, songs, satire, and parody. Your visit to Sunshine Pictures will introduce you to some of the biggest names in show biz including Arnold Hamandegger, Jay Rhino, Frankie Sinatrat, Charlie Chimplin, Gloria Swansong and more. In the story Benny is so focused on making it big in show business that the truth sometimes takes a back seat. Young and old will learn the importance of being honest with yourself and others. You can order the show at www.amazon.com, or a number of other sites listed at www.moviecritters.com.

Salty Earth Pictures

Welcome to the Salty Earth Pictures blog. This organization and blog are dedicated to producing, encouraging, and promoting entertainment that challenges the mind, lightens the hearts, and strengthens the soul. The Bible tells us to be the salt of the earth. It is our goal to use media and technology in a way that does just this. For more information, please visit www.saltyearthpictures.org.